2 Golden Rules You Must Know When Purchasing Coffee

The 2 Golden Rules

If you’re a coffee lover, you need to know the 2 Golden Rules when buying coffee. Your everyday coffee experience is going to be so much different just by knowing these rules and they really changed my mornings when I want that fragrant and delicious cup of coffee.

Let’s begin.

Rule 1: Buy Whole Coffee Beans ( not ground-up coffee )

Imagine a cake, or a fresh loaf of bread. Which do you think would lose its taste, moisture and smell quicker? Whole or sliced?

Yup, the sliced one of course. That’s because sliced increases the surface area that comes into contact with the air. The same applies with coffee.

Coffee beans in their whole state will last much much longer and retain its fragrance, taste and goodness.

The difference between buying coffee beans in their whole state compared to the ground-up state can be huge. Although opinions may differ among roasters, whole coffee beans are said to keep up for up to a month while ground coffee only keeps for a couple of days.

Every roaster may have their own philosophy when it comes to coffee but one thing they will all agree on is that you should buy your coffee beans whole.

The roast date labelled on the coffee bag

Rule 2: Buy Coffee with a Roast Date

Yes, you heard it. Buying coffee with a roast date, like the one above from Zelkova Coffee, is very important and it can really mean the difference between an okay cup of coffee and an awesome cup of coffee.

A lot of franchise and large coffee companies don’t place roast dates on their products. Only expiry dates. That’s because they want to sell their coffee and make a good profit out of it; even if it’s not at the optimal condition.

When you know the roast date of the coffee, you know how fresh your coffee is going to be.

Coffee is a crop, and just like any other crop, time will take its toll on the quality of the crop. Once the raw coffee beans are roasted, there’s a period of time that gives you the best cup of coffee, and then then the quality starts to drop. When I say quality, I mean the fragrance, taste and awesomeness of coffee.

To give you a rough estimate, freshly roasted coffee will give you the best cup of coffee for about a month, and then the quality starts to drop. Many roasters I’ve talked to have told me that 1~2 months after roasting is usually the limit.

So, my advice is to make sure you know the roast date of your coffee. Try and get your coffee a few days after they are roasted (usually 3~4 days). The best way to know your roast date is to visit your local coffee roaster. If not, try to find companies that label their roast date and not their expiry date. [spacer height=”60px”]

That’s it guys!! Just by knowing these Two Golden Rules, you are ready to drink the best cup of coffee every day.