BODUM Chambord French Press ボダム フレンチ プレス





抽出時間:コーヒーを蒸らす時間30秒 + 4分 = 4分30秒程度

水の量:ステンレスの帯まで入れています[spacer height=”40px” id=”2″]

I like to have the french press with lighter roasts. Many coffee shops roast their specialty coffee, higher quality coffee to bring out the amazing and unique fragrances and they tend to be on the lighter side.

The french press extracts the coffee oils which allow for a very aromatic experience that you’ll surely love.

Temperature: 90 Degrees Celsius or 194 Degrees Fahrenheit

Grind: I like to go for the same grind as the pour over

Extraction time: 30 Seconds wetting the coffee + 4 minutes extracting = about 4 minute 30 seconds.

Amount of water: I pour until it reaches the steel rim