How to make Cappuccino カプチーノの作り方

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カプチーノをどうしても家で作りたい!!そんな思いでBellman ベルマン エスプレッソ&スチーマー を購入し、今日皆様にカプチーノ動画をお送りします。



エスプレッソ(レシピはこちらから) – – – – – 30ml

牛乳 – – – – – 120ml

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Bellman エスプレッソ&カプチーノ メーカー

Rattleware ラトルウェア ミルク ピッチャー 12oz

nuova point カプチーノカップ アマルフィ

イワタニ カセットコンロ ホワイトIwatani

Bialetti ビアレッティ モカフィァメッタ

カリタ ネクストG コーヒーミル

Tanita タニタ キッチン スケール

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Hi guys!! Today we’re doing cappuccino, the marvelous Italian coffee beverage which has equal parts of milk and foam. The tip is to give more time with incorporating air into the milk when using the steamer 😉 I’m still not good at the latte art but working on it.

This is a super simple recipe but I think you can spice it up with nutmeg, cardamon, chocolate as well as caramel or vanilla syrup.


Espresso ( In the bialetti 100g water + 26g coffee grinds = about 60ml; we just need half ) – – – – – 30ml

Milk – – – – – 120ml

Cinnamon Powder [spacer height=”20px”]

The Tools used:

Bellman Stovetop Espresso & Cappuccino maker ( as long as you follow the instruction manual, you won’t find a problem with this tool; some of the negative reviews on the link might be misleading )

Bialetti Mocha Fiametta

Rattle ware Milk Pitcher

Nuova Point Cappuccino Cups