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How I Make Iced Coffee With a Cocktail Shaker

Iced Coffee with a Cocktail Shaker? Really?

Yes, really. Today’s post will be about iced coffee I make using a cocktail shaker. Gone are the days when you brew a batch of coffee and then chunk it in a container full of ice. Or perhaps the trending Japanese Iced Coffee where the pour over coffee drops onto the ice below and quickly cooling it. Continue reading

Japanese Iced Coffee (Direct Cooling Method)

Wanna have some Iced Coffee?

Today I’ll introduce how you can make Japanese Iced Coffee otherwise known as the Direct Cooling Method.

There apparently wasn’t too much of a culture in Europe where the coffee was served cold. Perhaps it started in Japan, I’m not exactly sure but some people experimented with their coffee by cooling it. What they found shifted their world 180 degrees. The coffee was smoother, richer and had flavor profiles absent in the normal hot coffee. Continue reading

How I Make French Press Coffee

Ready to Use a French Press?

Just how do I use the French Press and make good coffee? Everyone has their own secret method to brewing some delicious coffee using the French Press and I’ll show you mine in this post. Continue reading

How to Make a Homemade Sports Beverage

Today I’ll introduce a simple sports beverage recipe that you can make at home. It’s slightly different from flavored water in the sense that you’re actually putting minerals that you would need after sweating from doing some aerobic activity. Continue reading

Fragrant Vanilla Cardamom Latte Recipe

Delicious Vanilla Cardamon Latte

Today I’ll introduce a really awesome vanilla cardamom latte recipe for the cold autumn/winter days. It’s always great when you’re able to find time to relax in the morning with something warm in your hands. What’s more, the enveloping fragrance will soothe your senses.

Let’s begin.

Continue reading

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