Fragrant Vanilla Cardamom Latte Recipe

Delicious Vanilla Cardamon Latte

Today I’ll introduce a really awesome vanilla cardamom latte recipe for the cold autumn/winter days. It’s always great when you’re able to find time to relax in the morning with something warm in your hands. What’s more, the enveloping fragrance will soothe your senses.

Let’s begin.

You’ll first want to break open a cardamom pod. It’s always better to use a pod than ground cardamon as the seeds lose flavor and fragrance once out of the pod.

Use a pestle and mortar to pound and grind the cardamon into a powder. It doesn’t have to be too fine.

Next we’ll get the coffee ready. Here I’m using a blend from Machinokouhiyasan.

One thing that surprised me about this was the vacuum seal. Some coffee shops really care about quality and that’s why they usually use a coffee bag with a valve to prevent air from coming into contact with the coffee.

Vacuum works just as well, as long as there’s an air valve to allow the gas from the coffee to escape.

I’m using about of 25g of coffee which I’ll be grinding to make espresso.

I’m using the Kalita Next G grinder, and setting the dials to the finest grind. If you’re very specific about the type of espresso and want to have some sort of consistency with your espresso, I’d recommend you get a grinder which is specially made to grind for espresso.

Pretty fine; I try to keep away from dark roast coffee as the oils can sometimes wet the coffee which can get stuck in the grinder. It’s troublesome to clean up so I tend to stick to full city roast or lighter.

Now I’m packing the coffee into the Bialetti Fiammetta Mocha Pot.

I tamp it in order to pack all the 25g of coffee. This is probably the maximum limit and most people would suggest using less coffee, and without tamping it.

I want to bring out a more concentrated and creamy espresso, and that’s the reason why I do this. But it’s totally up to you how you want your espresso.

Close and seal it tightly.

Next, heat it up. Somewhere between low and medium heat will do. Just make sure you don’t set the heat to high.

After a few minutes you should see espresso being extracted.

Now we’ll get the milk ready. About 220ml or 7.4Oz. I’m using the Rattleware 12 Oz Pitcher.

I’m using a Bellman Stovetop Espresso/Steamer to steam the milk. This is very handy if you’re looking to create quality steamed milk at home. Insert the tip just one centimeter from the surface. You’ll hear a hiss sound and after a few seconds insert the tip very close to the bottom of the pitcher.

Let’s now create the latte. Pour the espresso.

Then pour the steamed milk.

We’ll now get the vanilla syrup ready. I’m using the Torani French Vanilla Syrup. About 10g ~ 15g(1 ~ 2 tablespoon) will do.

Pour into the latte. You can also add it after the espresso if you want it incorporated well into the latte.

Finally, get the ground cardamom and pour on top.

And there you have it. A super delicious and fragrant vanilla cardamom latte to warm you up in the cold mornings and seasons.