How to Make a Homemade Sports Beverage

自家製ポカリ homemade sports drink

Today I’ll introduce a simple sports beverage recipe that you can make at home. It’s slightly different from flavored water in the sense that you’re actually putting minerals that you would need after sweating from doing some aerobic activity.

Let’s begin.

Prepare the Nagao Shaker

So first you’ll need some sort of a shaker. I use a Nagao shaker to do most of my cocktail making and mixing.

Putting ice in the shaker

You’ll then want to add a good chunk of ice. This ice acts as a catalyst to blend all the solids and liquids together.


Cut half a lemon and squeeze into the shaker.


Next you’ll want to add something sweet. You can regular white sugar or brown sugar. I’m using a sugar syrup by Carib made from 100% cane. Add about 10 ~ 15ml.


Next comes the salt. Add about half a teaspoon to begin with. Yes, this beverage does seem strange since you’re adding salt. But actually, this is what adds that magic touch and is also beneficial for sweat replacement.


Next add water, about 200ml(7Oz) or 4/5 cup full.


Shake well, about 20 strokes or so. Remember, we’re just trying to incorporate the ingredients and cool the beverage. Don’t over shake.


Here I pour the mixture into a double-wall ferrano glass with ice.


I finished it off with a slice of lemon. Feel free to decorate or add more flavor with mint or even rosemary. This is absolutely amazing and a good way to quench your thirst in the summer heat. It’s also great to drink after a good workout.

This is the video of the recipe: