How to Make Ice at Home


Today I’ll show you how to make quality ice at home easily. In Japan most people buy ice at the local convenient store. However they aren’t really cheap and so I looked for a way to make ice at home. It’s actually much simpler than you think. As long as you have a freezer that’s decent,  you’re good to go.

Let’s begin.

First prepare a container

You want to first prepare some sort of container, preferably with some depth so you get a thicker and clearer ice. I’m using a container from an old lunch box.

Put water into the container

Next, add water into the container. Fill it up to about 5/6 but don’t fill it to the brim. I forgot to add, but make sure you use a plastic container and not glass as it will crack.

Cover with an aluminum foil

Cover with an aluminum foil. Why? I don’t like the air in the freezer coming into contact with the water. I feel like some of the smell stays with the ice. The foil acts as a barrier between the water and the air in the freezer.

A solid block of ice

Put in the freezer until it freezes. You’ll then have a block of ice that looks like this. See some of the white stuff in the middle? Those are tiny air bubbles that were trapped as the ice formed from the sides to the core. You can get rid of it by making a hole in the bottom center and then getting rid of the water. You need to find the right moment and make sure most of the water has turned to ice and that there’s only a little water left to freeze. The timing can be troublesome and that’s why I don’t really bother doing it. But doing it gives you a crystal clear block of ice.

Hitting and splitting the ice using an ice pick

You’ll then want to use some kind of a needle or an icepick. I’m using the Viski Professional Three-Pronged Ice Pick.

Hit the center of the ice and you’ll find a hard spot. Concentrate your power to that spot and hit accurately and with power, but make sure to quickly release to prevent the needle poking your palms. You’ll get used to it once you get the hang of it. When you hit the spot the ice should break into even fractals. If you need to divide it again, aim for the center, find the hard spot and then concentrate your power there.

That should get the job done. It may get messy so use a large bowl or put some cloth below.

There you have it. Good chunks of ice.

And there you have it. Some really good chunks of ice for those summer days of heat and moisture. You can use it for homemade sodas and fizzy drinks or even a good sip of whiskey and gin. In Japan a lot of people use this type of ice for sake and shochu (alcohol made from sweet potatoes ).

You can also make the ice spherical by carving the edges with the ice pick.

I hope you found this post useful. Have a good summer!!