How to Make Iced Kuromitsu ( Muscovado ) Au Lait

So this recipe came up when I ordered some iced coffee at a coffee shop. I was surprised to find it come together with muscovado (sugar cane) syrup. I added the syrup together with milk and gave it a sip. Wow, just wow. It tasted quite amazing and everything blended perfectly well together.

I think this can be a hit summer drink among non-coffee drinkers including children. You just have to try it 😉


Coffee Beans (I used a dark-medium roast somewhere around city, but I think any roast can do with this drink) —– 25g

Coffee Extracted —– 110ml (Quite concentrated than your average coffee)

Muscovado (Sugar Cane) Syrup —– 15g

You can find this syrup in Specialty Indian stores or Japanese stores. Perhaps they may be in solid form and if that’s the case, dissolve it in a little bit of water and then cool. An alternative would be brown sugar.

Cold Milk —– 100ml [spacer height=”20px”]

*** Feel free to try out different proportions of coffee to milk as that’ll change the strength of coffee.