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4 Badass Tips To Storing Coffee at Home

Store Your Coffee Like Wine

This is a simple guide to storing the coffee you purchased in the best possible way to preserve its fragrance and umami. Simply put, coffee is like wine or any other food. It goes bad with time, and especially when exposed to air. So we need an efficient method of storing it to keep it longer.

It’s always better to purchase whole coffee beans rather than ground-up coffee. I’ve talked about it in this post. Continue reading

How to Order Coffee Like a Pro in Japan

How to Order Coffee in Japan?

Japan has had a long history with coffee and they’ve turned coffee into an adventurous artisanal craft of sorts.

The Japanese people have a tendency to pursue a craft to the extreme at times. You can find generations of a family devoted to a certain craft like making knives, pottery, and of course sushi.

Coffee is no exception and that’s apparent in the unique ways of extracting and making coffee with various tools and extraction techniques. Continue reading

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